Base hosts a very congenial and amiable work-environment, but can still bring out the best endeavours from its employees. Base treats its employees as its most priced asset and always aims to create opportunities and a bright future for its priced work-force.

Some of the main benefits for employees at Base are:

*Career Development - Just like Base employees help in Base's development, Base helps in their careeer-development. Base, targets and achieves the goal, of creating auspicious opportunities for its employees. Base is a company where people can stretch their capabilities and build their careers in an environment that reflects and respects their values. Base places a priority on providing a supportive environment in which they can flourish.

*Leadership and Skill - Base creates leaders and dexterous individuals. It keeps on helping its employees to improve their skills and knowledge about the apparel industry. 

*Provident Fund -Base provides the facility of a provident fund, where some portion of the employees' salary is stored, this fraction, is returned to the employees after a desired number of months, along with a percentage of integration, provided by Base. 
*Transportation- Base provides its employees with transportastion to and from the office. Thus, workers enjoy hassle-free journies, before and after work.

*Gratuity - Base provides its workers with gratuity. This is not dependant on the employees' merit, but it is an extra facility, provided by Base that employees enjoy.

*Training- BASE knows that success can only be achieved by a highly-skilled workforce. So, BASE continues to invest in training its employees vigorously, in its training department, under the watchful eye of veteran experts. BASE relies upon this innovative workforce rather than cheap labour and economical pricing.

*Mentoring - Base is one of the few textile-manufacturers, which offers mentoring for new recruits, from experienced personnel. This helps new employees to learn the trade and also express their views and ideas to the experienced staff.

*Foreign Tour - Employees are frequently sent abroad, to harbour new ideas and to implement them into operation.

*Yearly Increament - Base has a high rate of yearly increament. Base always appreaciates and rewards merotorious and dilligent employees.

*Bonus - Base is fair in terms of overtime and target bonus. It never hesitates to pay bonuses to deserving employees, for their painstaking efforts, and extra hard work.

*Business Ethics - Base is reputed for strict adherence to business ethics. It exceeds local legislations and meets ILO convention in terms of employment-practice. Base strongly opposes: child-labour, forced-labour and exploitation of its employees. Thus, Base's employees never have to go through any pains, while working at Base.


BASE's reputation as one of Bangladesh's most admired employers is hard-earned. We've achieved it by offering opportunities for our people to pursue their goals, both professionally and personally. Because we operate a truly global business, we recognise the importance of diversity; of understanding individual ways of working, and how they can compliment each other to deliver outstanding results. Our commitment to developing strong local businesses is what makes us unique.At Base, employees have a huge career scope, and just like they serve BASE as keys to success, BASE serves them as a stepping-stone, to a brighter future, filled with opportunity and success. 


We recruit many experienced professionals into senior positions and have career management processes that ensure your need for challenge, stimulation, and both career and personal development are met.A variety of learning opportunities support your ongoing development, as well as regular feedback, development and career plans.


Our graduate programme develops future business leaders. It's how many of our directors started out .The programme develops professional skills and competencies through structured training and on-the-job learning, gained in real jobs with real responsibility. We also encourage graduates to complete an international assignment in their early years.


Experience what it's like to be part of one of the most successful apparel businesses – and get a head start on career decision-making at the same time. Outstanding, proactive students can gain an insight into how BASE works and contribute to projects of real importance to our business through internships.
Internships provide a chance to learn about the challenges in your chosen career area while getting a taste of what it's like to be part of our team. Interns also benefit from training, one-to-one mentoring and appraisals with our line manager.



BASE is always on the look-out for fresh talent and encourages any willing viewer, to strengthen BASE, by joining the workforce. BASE aims to create opportunities and a bright future for all its employees.Anyone, who is interested to join BASE can apply through this email address -

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Base textiles operates by a few unique methods. These methods sets us apart from other manufacturers. 

Constant Improvement 

As a business we're constantly evolving. To keep up the pace of change we recruit the most talented, creative individuals. And we reward them with professional challenges, opportunities for career and personal growth, and a supportive work environment.

Work-Life Balance 

We understand the balance between work and life. So, we strictly follow standard working hours and avoid misconducts such as : Child and Forced Labour.

Investing For Innovation 

BASE Textiles buzzes with innovation. We invest heavily in research & development so that our we can meet constantly changing consumer needs. To do this we listen carefully to consumers, we work together, think creatively and encourage individual accountability.


And in everything we do, we act with integrity. We are reputed as an environmentally responsible businesses. We contribute time, money and resources to many projects addressing social and environmental issues – on a global and local level.

Equal Opportunities 

BASE employs individuals solely on the basis of their qualifications. Criterias such as : race, gender, appearance and personal-issues have no effect on BASE's employment practice or the  distribution of tasks to the employees. 

I.T. As Tools 

BASE makes use of technology in almost every stage of production.This facilitates fast communication, ergonomic work-environment for employees, accuracy and flawlessness in work.


Base strictly adheres to business ethics and discourages any misconducts. We have a commitment to provide our employees with fair and safe working conditions. We respect the balance between home life and work and have set up welfare facilities for our employees.


People join BASE for many different reasons - it all depends on what they’re looking for. 

Enterprising people 

Our success depends on new ideas, so we do everything to ensure that enterprising people excel. Working with us means working with people who have a passion for achievement, strive for outstanding results and build effective relationships inside and outside our company. 

Space to be yourself

We recruit people from a diversity of backgrounds and cultures, and support them all in realising their potential. We value their differences - after all, as a business we need to be as diverse as our millions of consumers around the world. 

Real opportunity 

Unilever is one of the world’s most successful consumer goods companies and we've ambitious plans to grow. New opportunities constantly arise as our business develops and expands. And you can go as far as your talent and imagination take you.

Enjoying life, enjoying work

Working together on projects, turning ideas into reality and helping create products you can see in your local supermarket is fun. We help keep it that way through an informal culture with a casual dress code in many sites, and by supporting people in achieving a work/life balance.

Whatever your reasons, at Base, we’d like to add to them.