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Base understands that in modern-times, the fashion industry oscillates at a high tempo, depending on the ever-changing trends and choices of final-consumers.Thus, brief lead-time, plays a vital role in client-management. So, Base has situated itself in the industrial-area of Chittagong, a port-city and the business-capital of Bangladesh. Presence near the river-way and the largest port of Bangladesh near Base,facilitates quick sourcing and brief lead time. Base's location in a highly concentrated industrial-area, causes increased levels of competition, motivating Base to work more efficiently and emerge as the top apparel-manufacturer of Bangladesh.

Base's Marketing-Office is situated in Gulshan, the business zone of the capital city, Dhaka. With a dynamic management team, and dexterous R&D team, Base's Marketing-Office handles all orders, in a highly organized and confident manner. Base has a merchandizing team in both Dhaka and Chittagong,in order to assure smooth production and on-time delivery. Base's Dhaka-office in Gulshan, is near some of Dhaka's latest 5-star hotels. So, Base's foreign clients can enjoy the benefits of business with Base, as well as, the comforts of Dhaka's best hotels.

Corporate Office


9 CDA Industrial Area, Al-Amin Baria, Kalurghat, Chittagong 4221, Bangladesh


+880 31 2573327-8, 671162, 67149, +88 096 78776600


+880 31 670118, 671168


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